Living in Italy: The Real Deal

How to survive the good life!

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italy expat stories book

The experiences and adventures of two Dutchmen in Italy

"A thoroughly entertaining read and a unique introduction to ‘the Italian way’!"
(Readers' Favorite website )

"... the story is told with humour and an obvious love of Italy.
Some of the tales had me laughing out loud ..."

"Stef Smulders ... does what a good writer does: He writes what he observes and leaves the judgement to you, the reader. No constant bellyaching from Mr. Smulders. I like that. I really like that."
(James Martin, Wandering Italy)

"Smulders storytelling artistry is wildly entertaining."
(Blogcritics and Readerviews review )


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Sneak Preview of the book

Funny short stories about learning to live in Italy

About mafiose real estate agents, Mussolini-type builders, lousy plumbers, Italian neighbours, murderous veterinarians, horrors in hospitals, tasting wine,
eating pizza, visiting the theatre, truffle hunting and much more!