An Italian on the phone

telephone conversation italy

Once at the university of Pavia I was in a study room and could not help but overhearing the telephone conversations that took place in the adjacent room of a teacher. Long conversations which the caller apparently had difficulties in concluding. The last part of these telephone conversations usually went like this:

„Ciao, ciao, grazie! Bye bye thanks! … Sì, certo, grazie, ciao ciao Yes, sure thanks bye bye … Ma figurati, sì, di niente, ciao ciao But,no,no problem, bye bye … No, no, nessun problema, grazie ancora, ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao … Davvero? Non lo sapevo, ma veramente Really? I did not know that, honestly … Allora ciao, ciao, grazie, ciao ciao … Ma nohhhh, ci mancherebbe, no no, non si preoccupi But nooo, don’t worry … Le ringrazio sinceramente, ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao Thank you honestly, bye bye bye bye bye … Sì, ci sentiamo fra poco, sì, ciao ciao Yes we’ll be in contact soon, yes, bye bye … Allora buon lavoro, ciao So, good luck with your work, bye …. Aspetta, non avevo detto che Wait, I did not tell you that … ah, ho capito, no no O, I understand … va bene, ciao ciao ciao Okay, bye bye … Sì, sì, ciao ciao Yes, yes, bye bye … ma sì? Allora non centro io, grazie, va benissimo, grazie, ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao. But indeed? Well in that case I have nothing to do with it, thanks, everything okay, thanks, bye bye bye bye bye bye.”


Tringggg tringggg

ciao ciao„Pronto? Yes? … ah mi scusi, ma non l’aveva capito? Mi dispiace ma non possiamo O, sorry, didn’t you understand? I am sorry but we can’t  … Va bene ma devo consultare. I understand but I have to consult … okay okay, le faccio sapere, presto, sì, presto presto. okay okay, I’ll let you know, soon, yes very soon. Grazie ancora, ciao ciao … Sì ciao. No no tutto bene, sì, ciao ciao ciao. Ciaooooooooo! Thanks again, bye bye. Yes bye. No no everything is okay, bye bye bye. Byyyye!”


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