Ambrosian Art Gallery Milan – Home of Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus

The Ambrosian Art Gallery , located not far west from the Duomo, consists of the actual Art Gallery as well as the Biblioteca and an Accadeambrosian art gallerymia. Paintings and sculptures from the 14th century to the beginning of the neoclassical 19th century are in the collection. An overview of the exhibition rooms is available on the very extensive museum website (still only in Italian), as well as a virtual visit to the exhibition rooms.

The most significant works of art include:

  • La canestra by Caravaggio
  • Ritratto di Musica by Leonardo da Vinci
  • Madonna del Baldacchino by Botticelli
  • the small pictures of Jan Brueghel
  • sketch of the Scuola di Atene of Raphael
  • Adorazione dei Magi by Titian

codex atlanticus leonardo da vinci

The Library has the Codex Atlanticus (the most important collection of his drawings) of Leonardo da Vinci on exhibit and also a manuscript of Virigilus that once belonged to Petrarca .

Reservation in advance is advised as only a limited number of people is let in at a time. You can reserve tickets on-line or at the call-center 0515881589.

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